Our Social Responsibility

We want all children to get the best possible start in life!

At Beckmann we produce backpacks that are good for your back, with a design that makes you feel good. In addition to this, we want to contribute more to society.

Olav Beckmann wanted other people to feel good, and he participated in many projects that were beneficial to society. We would like to continue with this great work and therefor we support two major projects. We are also involved in projects sending supplies to children all around the world.

Speed School

Speed School is an intensive education for children who have missed out on school in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.SS3
The aim of Speed School is to help children return to school. For us it is valuable to see that we every year can contribute so that 120 schoolchildren get the opportunity to step out of poverty. Feel free to read mote about Strømme Foundation and what they do for children’s education.


Bertines House

Bertines House is a home for disadvantaged mothers in Ukraine. The home is a private initiative and gives mothers and children an opportunity for a new life. We think it is good to be part of a project that creates opportunities for children and their parents. Read more about their work on their Facebook-page.