Our Work

At Beckmann, design and ergonomics goes hand in hand!

The backpacks are being design from scratch, and we are constantly striving to bring new colours and new stories to the backpacks.

All our backpacks are being developed in good collaboration with physiotherapists and chiropractors. In addition to this we also use external help form experts in design and illustration.

Our main focus is the people that are going to use our products. For children it is important to have happy colours and a good friend that will contribute to a good day at school. For bigger kids and teenagers, we spend a lot of time following trends online and in fashion magazines. In additions we always pay a visit to the most interesting fashion shows in Europe.

It’s all about the function

When we design our backpacks, we start by studying a normal day at school for children and students. Then we sketch models, sew samples and tests how the backpack is in use. We have a closely relationship with the factories to ensure quality in all our products.

A backpack for school use has other functions than a backpack for hiking. A backpack for school needs to be good to carry. In addition it needs to be easy to organize and have a separate room for water bottle, lunchbox and a computer. The backpacks should also have reflex and not contain any dangerous materials.

Tested by the best

All our backpacks are being developed and teste in close collaboration with chiropractor Philip J. Wilkens (PhD). He is on of few practicing chiropractors with a medical doctorate. He says:

“A good backpack for school can prevent back pains. Research shows that the type of backpack you choose, and the backpacks weight can be risk factors for back pain. Therefor it is important to have a backpack that can be customized individually. A backpack from Beckmann can be adjusted and therefor adapted to each person.

It is also important to use the backpack properly. The weight should be distributed between shoulders and hips. At the same time the weight of the backpack should lie as closely as possible towards your back. Adjust the backpack to make it fit perfectly”. 

— Philip J. Wilkens (PhD)