About our backpacks

How to use your Beckmann backpack

Beckmann backpacks are designed so that heavy load feels easy to carry. To achieve this, it is important that the backpack fits, and that its properly worn. The grid in our backpacks provides good weight distribution, and in the picture below we show you how to attach the backpack to get the correct strain.

Hvordan ta sekken på til nett medium

  1. Place the heaviest load innermost and tighten against your back.
  2. Attach and tighten the hip belt
  3. Place and tighten the chest strap
  4. Tighten the shoulder straps so that the hip belt rests on the hipbone.
  5. Tighten the top tensioners

Specialist statement

All Beckmann backpacks are being developed and tested in close collaboration with chiropractor Philip J. Wilkens (PhD). He is on of few practicing chiropractors with a medical doctorate. He says:

“A good backpack for school can prevent back pains. Research shows that what kind of backpack you choose, and the backpacks weight can be risk factors for back pain. Therefor it is important to have a backpack that can be customized individually. A backpack from Beckmann can be adjusted and therefor adapted to each person.

It is also important to use the backpack properly. The weight should be distributed between shoulders ad hips. At the same time the weight of the backpack lie as close as possible towards your back. Adjust the backpack to make it fit perfectly”.

— Philip J. Wilkens (PhD)

Softer back?

In almost all Beckmann backpacks there is a frame that is shaped like your back. If you want a softer back, you can remove this form inside of the backpack.

How to wash your backpack

We recommend that you do the washing by hand. Remove the frame in the back and remember to remove the flasher if you have them on the backpack. You remove the frame form inside of the backpack, and the flasher by twisting the flash and remove the battery. We recommend that the bag is washed with liquid detergent.