About Us

Beckmann AS was founded in Kristiansand, Norway in 1946. We are the largest distributer of backpacks to Norwegian schoolchildren. 3 out of 4 children in 1st grade are carrying a backpack from Beckmann.

Our vision is to produce the best backpack for school children in the world. This vision is important for us, and we always keep this in mind in the making of our products.

Our vision
Together we can make the world’s best backpack for schoolchildren.

Our values
Excellence – we know our job, we take initiative, share our knowledge and are solution oriented.

Joy – we are happy in our job, make each other better and want our colleagues to succeed. All this shall be reflected in our products, our customers and the outside world.

Beckmann AS is located in Kristiansand, Norway and we have today 10 employees in our head office.

All our products

In addition to backpacks, we produce a variety of quality products within office gear, traveling, holiday and wallets. All our products have been true the same quality process as our backpacks.


IGR - ergonomic product - institut fur gesundheit und ergonomie - testet and recommended beckmann

Canadian Chiropractic-association testet and recommended - Beckmann



Our retailers

We have over 500 retailers in Norway. In Norway you can buy our products at Ark, Norli, Libris, City Bag, Tanum, and Bagorama.

In addition you can find our products in shops located in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, China, Taiwan, Switzerland, Iceland and Hong Kong.